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About Us

Company History

      Le Fromage et L'orange literally means Cheese and the Orange.  Fromage is our Boys Line and L'orange our Girls Line.

The collection first started solely as "L'orange", and debuted in at the IKFS show in October 2001.

Since then, the company has expanded to the Cheese and the Orange that it is know as today.

Design Philosophy

Le Fromage et L'orange means freshness in style. Children love to wear these clothes and they last for quite a while.

The quality is impeccable and the colors oh so bright. So kids look adorable. Ah, such a beautiful sight.

We have a simple motto and it starts with a smile, we guarantee your satisfaction or you can put away our file.

For all these wonderful clothes, we don't charge a lot, and they'll fly out of your door so fast, you wont remember what you bought.

And when its gone and the store looks a bore, you can be sure you can always call for more! -Owner, Sachin Batra

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